Are you a high-impact entrepreneur?

If your company has achieved sustainable growth, job creation and multiplying effects, and you have the desire to give back time and advise to other up and coming entrepreneurs, we encourage you to fill out the application. Endeavor Puerto Rico’s staff will analyze your application and conduct preliminary research to determine eligibility. If you are selected for an initial interview, we will contact you to set up an appointment.


Are you passionate about inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs?

If you have had success as a business leader or entrepreneur and are willing to share your knowledge, insights and advice with up and coming entrepreneurs, we’d like to consider you as an Endeavor Mentor.

Donors & Partners

Endeavor’s network thrives on mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals, companies and organizations that share our vision to transform the entrepreneurial ecosystem and catalyze economic growth in Puerto Rico. Please share your contact information so we may provide more information about partnership opportunities with Endeavor Puerto Rico.

  • Is this donation tax deductible?

    Endeavor Puerto Rico us a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Puerto Rican non-profit organization. Your donation to Endeavor PR is tax deductible to the extent allowed by U.S federal law.

  • How can I make a check donation?

    Make your check to the order of: Endeavor Initiative Puerto Rico.

    Please send your check to the following mailing address:

    Endeavor Puerto Rico, 954 Ave. Ponce de León, Miramar Plaza, Ste 201-A, San Juan, PR 00907-3601

  • Can I get a receipt for my check donation?

    If you make a donation, send an email to so we can send you a letter/receipt for your official records.

  • Can I donate via wire transfer?

    For wire transfer instruction, please contact us directly at

  • Which industries does Endeavor support?

    The Endeavor selection process is sector-agnostic. However, we focus on high-growth businesses across most major industries including technology (both businesses and consumer focused), healthcare, agriculture, retail, food and beverage, financial services, tourism and education.

  • Is there a deadline to apply?

    No.  We are constantly evaluating new candidates. Endeavor’s selection process is driven by the entrepreneur's schedule and global programming. With the support of the local staff we will coordinate a schedule that fits well for the candidate.

  • What does Endeavor look for?

    Entrepreneur: Can the entrepreneur(s) inspire future generations and be an ecosystem builder? Are these entrepreneurs willing to listen, learn and grow from mentor feedback?


    Business: Does the company have significant growth potential with a proven business model? Can this business grow 8x-10x from where it is today?


    Timing: Is the company hitting an inflection point and poised for breakout growth that could be scaled with Endeavor's support?

  • Is there a revenue minimum to qualify for selection?

    No. Endeavor looks for companies that have found product/market fit and are growing quickly. Market traction is evaluated during the selection process. Strong candidates will have achieved sustainable revenue growth over a 3 to 5-year period and a proven business model that is no longer in a pilot state.

  • How long does the selection process take?

    It can take anywhere between 6 and 18 months to get selected due to coordinating schedules and timing of selection panels.


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